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Goldie Lookin’ Chain @ University Union, Glasgow

13 September 2005

The Glasgow University Union certainly knows how to put a smile on a Fresher’s face and Goldie Lookin’ Chain are undoubtedly champions at working a crowd. The GLC party was a riot of hilarious lyrics, ingenious retro music and, perhaps, too much alcohol.

The event took a less chaotic, but the nonetheless, impressive start with the local jazz and funk group The Mosa Funk Club. They blend tribal bongo playing with funk-house grooves, classical flute playing with rock-style drumming and they pulled off an amazingly eclectic and highly enjoyable performance.

This is a group with a clear passion for music, dance and fun and this is encapsulated no better than in their lead singer Mairead Emfada who conveys the vitality and energy of this band. Along with the engrossing saxophonist DC Daddy, the music is melodic and the song Fountain of Youth and Mosa Funk Club offer a rhythm and vibe of Latin composition that makes dancing irresistible.

After a great offering from MFC, the stage is emptied for the madness that is GLC. As the slogan ‘Safe as Fuck’ adorns the stage the swearing continues as the boys from Wales offer a range of songs from their two albums.

They play the classics with flair; with Guns Don’t Kill People Rappers Do picking up the pace but they also had some new material too with this performance being a preview of their ‘An Ounce Don’t Come For Free’ tour scheduled for later in the year. There was some much welcomed free-styling from the likes of Maggot and Adam Hussain proving that these lads are funny but also very talented and versatile at what they do.

Throughout the evening they were in good form as they worked with the music and crowd in equal measure to give a great performance that, although in the historic debating chamber, was worthy of any stadium venue. Your Missus Is A Nutter had the audience chanting and the energy of performers and crowd alike exploded as all concerned had a good time. Charm School was another song that was sure to get people excited. It’s addictive mix of the Grange Hill theme tune and the hilarious lyrics is good enough on CD but in a live performance this song was incredible and its achievement was shown by the number of people lining up to enrol!

There is a feeling in the music industry that GLC’s sound is set to outdate and be forgotten but at the Glasgow University Union, the group showed themselves to be in touch with youth, in touch with music and most certainly in touch with a good sense of humour. With values like these, they are bound to be around for many more years to come and a good thing too. Let’s also hope for a rise in fame for the Mosa Funk Club who deserve to have the whole of the UK dancing to their fresh and innovative sound.

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