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Justice @ Mean Fiddler, London

11 June 2007

Electro at 9pm on a Monday night may seem wrong. Electro in a sweaty club on a Monday night is quite wrong. But when you’ve had Busy P and DJ Mehdi warm you up, the guilt seems to slip away relatively easily.

Forget glow sticks and face paint, UV rosaries are the in thing tonight. So Justice are feeling charitable to their Myspace fanbase for this special show / album launch in London. The mini crucifixes are dwarfed by the huge throbbing white one onstage, of course.

More ominously, or rather invitingly, is the wall of Marshall amps that scaffolds the stage left to right, top to bottom. Only Metallica fill their stage space with more. Justice, contrary to their luminously attired electro peers, look and dress like a biker gang.

Their live show is in its infancy or more aptly, Genesis, as the opener bulges a buzzing bassline through the rank humidity of the venue. Gaspard Aug and Xavier de Rosnay look a tad nervous compared to their cool-as-fuck, slightly postured DJ sets, which suggests playing live is still something they’re taking to adjusting.

Those gathered lap it up, steadily, as Phantom’s deranged fuzzy howls crash around the venue. DANCE came early too and limbered everyone up. Still, Aug and de Rosnay remained conservative throughout, Aug concentrating on his laptop and de Rosnay trying not to look like he wanted to remove his tight leather jacket.

They were busy delivering a few treats: Let There Be Light, Stress, We Are Your Friends and a superb splicing of Waters of Nazereth with Klaxons Atlantis to Interzone.

Whilst dance purists are casting a dersiory eye towards Justice’s table, and the Daft Punk rip off accusations are chalking up intermittently, there’s no denying that when Aug and de Rosnay get into the groove there isn’t a better thing in the world than having their harmonious slits and smashes jilt you from all angles. And fortunately for us, this gang have yet to kick into full throttle


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