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Lissy Trullie @ ICA, London

5 October 2009

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2nd act; q; AC; front man disinterestyed teddy boy who spks french, backflips, fwd rolls, all impassively as if this were normal. The world’s prettiest boy mouths the lyrics to his songs from the front row. Big punky rocknroll melange, a product of influences but effortlessly keeping his cool.Which one is the fat klaxon? Saw him at la roux; he’s here.Lissy was manning her merch stall earlier, putting paid to glacial posh beauty suggestions. In a year of ginger girls lissy on this side of the pond is the latesrt, but she’s a product of nyc.Ltrulli’s ginger do is antithesis of la roux’s flock of seagulls. It’s a make-up show due to swine flu. Mention butler, vogue.Hot chip cover 3rd in song – do it do it… Ready 4 the flr. Sounds kinda jane wheedlin/trannie vamp. Not nico at all. Same hc sng as little boots covered. Now why is that?Simplz setup of geeta/bkg vox, bass, drums, her in microskirt of black and jacket. 1st kiss iconic, with pulp-y chordsA bit 1 paced

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