Live Music + Gig Reviews

Brian @ Rough Trade Shop, London

by Michael Hubbard

It is a beautiful day. Although we’re into late afternoon the sun still smiles on all and sundry assembled on Portobello Road. Sunglasses, vests, t-shirts and bottles of beer, consumed of course al fresco, are…

Huun Huur Tu @ Royal Festival Hall, London

by Michael Hubbard

I first heard Huun Huur Tu way back in 1996 when my flatmate, an ex-gamekeeper, swordmaster, buddhist, eater of seaweed and political activist, parked himself in a corner of my room, threw a CD at...

Brian @ Complex, London

by Michael Hubbard

Brian. Well, why not? As bands’ names go, there’s been a James. Maybe there’ll be a Dave or a Trevor. This band’s name, as was undoubtedly intended, tells much about front man Ken Sweeney’s approach...