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Paramore @ Underworld, London

30 May 2007

The Underworld is absolutely heaving tonight. So much so thatParamore frontwoman Hayley Williams has to ask no less than four times for the swelling masses to move back a couplesteps.

You see, everybody wants a piece of Fueled By Ramens latest pop-rocksensations – whether it be the barely legible ticket requests of the smashedold guy at the door, or the boisterous ranks of teenage fans making their waydown tonight. Anyone and everyone wants in on the action.

Here for a brief promotional stop-off in the capital to promote upcomingsophomore album Riot!, the Nashville fivesome ensure that whilst it’sseemingly been an age since they last stepped foot in the UK, there still remainsvery little question as to their ability as live performers.

Led by Williams, the flame-haired, larger-than-life teenager with a voicestronger than most twice her age, the band rip seamlessly through tracksboth old and new tonight with furious, ballsy cuts like Born For This and Misery Business and standard stage lingo andcheesily choreographed head-banging abound.

It’d be all to easy to expect little from the band tonight, fresh offfinishing up work on the new record and still in the midst of formerguitarist Hunter Lamb’s all to sudden departure. But Ms Williams et al arehaving none of it, finger-pointing, fist-punching their way through debutstaples Emergency and Pressure during the 50-minute set, whilst airing oldfavourite Brighter to a decidedly thunderous reception.

And it’s this heart-warming fan appreciation that makes you realise just whythe Tennessee five-piece are destined for bigger things. There comes theodd point tonight when you simply can’t hear Williams’ vocals due to thesheer volume of what’s being sung straight back at her, and whether it beguitarist Josh, bassist Jeremy or drummer Zac, you can tell it means just asmuch to each and every one of them as it indeed appears.

There’s nothing elaborate about tonight. No costume changes, no over-the-top epics and little in terms of a light show. But itdoesn’t matter. Three minute songs delivered with buckets of energy andsincerity is all Paramores fans want – and when they’re delivered asefficiently and with as much gusto as they are tonight, there’s really verylittle arguing with the formula.

The ticketless ranks may just have to kick themselves for not being heretonight, as it may well be a very long, long time before Paramore grace astage in the Underworld again.

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