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Reverend And The Makers @ KOKO, London

8 July 2009

Nme ed conor mcnicholas was at bombay bicycle club tonight. But the eNeME wasn’t needed.Freedom is paramount opens; same jacket; horns (trumpets) on stage; keys; drums; geeta, bass, more keys. 7-pce.If kasabian can fill arenas, there’s nowt but opinions of his 1st record stopping him. Lots of beer flies.2nd; the state of things.Song bout papers. Strangulated turnery vox; mouths trumpet part; aud soon get it, do it with him. V effective rev.Disco-y stuff too – hands in the air for heavyweight c; also played v early. About 7th. “We’re not everybody else.” Well, no.Trumpets on year free v good; calexico wiv meat. Aud, 1st time hearing. Attentive.Fuck the bnp; aud sngl fngr gest; wasteland; “not welcome anymore” big tribal rabblerousing drums. Wake those idealists.And then some rap about Iran.Then the three-four pce…Springtime snds kasabian-trippy-familiar; crowd wild for it. “One for the girls” he sez.Lovely french kiss brings break of sorts, though bass still shakes the walls.Mermaids; girls/boys wanna b g/b. Instigatedebate; then the end. He must stop gurning!Keiley last, girly/aud vox.

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