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Simple Plan @ Astoria, London

23 February 2005

It’s freezing and for most, a school night, but yet dedicated Simple Plan fans are lined next to and around the Astoria in an orderly but excited queue. Eager to go inside, the fans – surprisingly, mainly 16 year olds – are enthusiastic about seeing the band; some of whom feel compelled to scream “I love David!” and write “Simple Plan rock!” all over the Astoria wall.

After all the excitement before the gig, the pressure was certainly on for the band to deliver. Many of their fans had seen their latest video Shut Up on the television and decided to come along – tonight could retain or easily lose these fans.

Looking over the swarm of people, The Glitterati stroll on stage looking like they’d just walked out of a Black Sabbath gig. Delivering good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll, The Glitterati entertain but aren’t as appreciated as they ought to be by the crowd who are eagerly anticipating the main band’s arrival.

As expected, Simple Plan steal the show. As soon as opener I’d Do Anything begins, the crowd goes crazy – many look like they’re close to having a paralytic fit. Seeing as 99% of the audience have come to watch Simple Plan, the audience are putty in their hands. Pierre, the lead singer, works the crowd with frequent, and often cheesy, interjections that has the crowd screaming their lungs out.

Showing off what appears to be years of practise, Simple Plan’s on-key performance from beginning to end creates an electric atmosphere as everyone is forced to watch the five-some show how it’s done on stage. They run through a solid set like they’re brushing their teeth. Resembling fellow punk rock comrades, such as Sum 41, Simple Plan’s performance is so natural and yet so gelled, showing that their stints on the various Warped Tours in America and countless tours have obviously worked wonders for them.

Ending with their Shut Up, Simple Plan show that performing is what they excel at and deliver a solid and entertaining set that is bound to keep the fans happy. Tonight has been one of great quality and will certainly reaffirm the faith that Simple Plan fans have in their favourite band – they maybe even pick up a few converts on the way.

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