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TDK Cross Central @ King’s Cross Freight Depot, London

27 August 2006

“Your name’s not on the list…”

“You’re not coming in,” I almost felt like finishing off for the Irish press list administrator.

A Warner A&R man shows up. So do MTV. Are they on the list? Hell no.

Welcome to the organisational excellence behind TDK Cross Central 2006. Press list guy scans the his endless list once again for my name to make it look like he was actually having an intent look for me. The MTV guy then took to pitiful begging as he pitched some dribble about filming some predictable MTV bullshit aimed at 17-year-olds who worship the word of Zane Lowe. MTV guy didn’t make much headway. I knew it wasn’t going to be my night.

Us smaller publications have to do a certain amount of hoop jumping for PRs when it comes to securing press accreditation to cover the music we love and to give our take on events for you dear reader. We certainly did our bit for this one. Were assured all would be cool. But it still fell through.

If the major and indie festivals in the country kindly provided us with review tickets, the mind boggles how Cross Central couldn’t do such a simple thing. Maybe it was the the same master class in logistics responsible for billing a stage with some cracking bands (MSTRKRFT, Evil Nine, Plump DJs) who were struck off when it was deemed not fit for public use a full three weeks before the festival. Quite why they couldn’t make it fit is a mystery.

There was a sufficient allocation available to be placed on the door. So why was it jacked up to 28 on from their advertised 20. I guess that’s the booking fee, right?

Examining this other option, your writer unfortunately doesn’t command a 220,000 job in the city to waggle away just like that, and felt the opportunity of paying 28 to do a job was not tempting enough when compared to a night out in Soho with my best mate. And so we did, with no regrets, head to Soho.

TDK Cross Central? Don’t need ya. Expect Creamfields coverage this time next year, people.

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TDK Cross Central @ King’s Cross Freight Depot, London