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The Bellrays @ Metro

4 July 2002

I’m already extremely pissed and, after the day I’ve had, I’m not really in themood for any “malarky”.

Unfortunately the first band up are The Legacy of Destruction. Yes, TheLegacy of Destruction. It sounds as bad as it is. They’re all over 30 and Iknow that doesn’t make a bad band but when your still doing college garagepunk and calling yourselves names like The Legacy of Destruction (hahahaha!)it’s maybe time to put down the guitar and find a day job. To make it worsethe vocal PA is set up for a much louder voice and the bassist looks aspissed as I am. They get sweaty, they get loud but that’s about it.

Now I must wait for a band I’ve seen twice and didn’t like: The Bellrays.The first time I saw them was at the Monarch, which was terrible as theplace is too small for a woman like Lisa Kekaula where everything about her is BIG:her hair, her eyes, her ass and especially her voice.

And the second was at Brixton Academy supporting the Jon Spencer BluesExplosion, which was also pretty bad. They were the first on and effectivelyplayed to no-one as everyone was getting tanked at the bar.

So I had my reservations and many doubts about the hyperbole the criticshave been spreading on this particular bed of roses. But all that was aboutto change.

Blues For Godzilla, like the whole set, is like stepping right into1975, flares, tank tops and all, with singer Lisa Kekaula throwing moveslike she’s attached to a ’50s weight-loss gyro-belt.

New single They Glued Your Head On Upside Down is strident and almostoffensively sexy, jarring the audience with a sound that’s like Parliamentslapping Henry Rollins around while James Brown holds him down.

They call their music “maximum rock & roll” and they’re right; withrolling Motown licks and a punk-pace like this I suggest you go out, now,and find their last three albums, not just the compilation, and start gettingsweaty with The Bellrays.

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