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The Crescent @ Barfly, London

8 May 2002

Take a simple musical format, add the dynamics only achieved through the ease and familiarity of childhood friendships, triumph through adversity and you have The Crescent. A collection of fresh talent in the shape of four Liverpool lads, The Crescent are a contradictory mass of mature determination, post teenage angst and cheeky confidence not yet jaded by ego or industry disillusionment. They are treasures from the heart of Liverpool, keen to please, ambiguously nostalgic and refreshing simultaneously.

What is evident here tonight is formed confidence and early Manics-like unity, though these guys certainly seem to be musicians without attitude just now.

A straightforwardly punchy 40-minute set sees the constants in the group being Sean’s gritted-teeth showmanship on bass, the melodic and intricate focal undercurrent of Karl’s virtuoso lead guitar, Joe’s insanely frantic drumming and the tenacious and assured vocal and rhythm guitar of Wayne Witfield. This energy-charged gig is about capability and the excitement only experienced when new talent is born.

The recently released single On The Run is a brief taster of what these lads are about – no sequencers, synths or special effects, just energy, commitment and pure Northern spirit. They own original ’60s guitars and they sure can play ’em.

The Crescent have had their comparisons, blanket generalisations stemming from little more than their place of origin. How easy it is for us to make sweeping generalisations and name-call. But unlike many others in this industry, The Crescent are leaving an indelible mark already.

The end of the tour is nigh and the band are back in the studio to finish recording their debut album. Despite their youth, these guys are here to stay. Let’s embrace them and all they stand for.

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The Crescent @ Barfly, London