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Thunder @ Academy, Manchester

14 March 2005

It’s typical, isn’t it? A classic rock band comes to town and it is absolutely freezing.

The constant rain doesn’t help when you’re standing in a very long queue waiting rather patiently to get inside the venue and enjoy an over-priced drink before the fun starts.

But support from The Answer soon dismissed any grievances that started off the night. They’re a young band with attitude and verve. They are straight out of the Led Zeppelin school of rock with the no-frills and scruffiness of AC/DC. The lead singer even has the long hair, stage mannerisms and gestures of a young Robert Plant. He’s quite cocky too – but in an entertaining way. They built up a high standard for the night. The noise seemed to have dragged everybody away from the bars and into the actual hall; certainly a band to keep an eye out for.

As for Thunder, well, the diverse audience couldn’t wait to get rocking with the veteran British rock band. Walking on stage to the theme of classic western The Magnificent Seven – a nod to current album The Magnificent Seventh (and yes, it is their seventh) – bumped up the temperature several notches in just a few minutes.

Songs from the album played seamlessly with classic Thunder. The Gods Of Love and Monkey See, Monkey Do was particularly well received as was the excellent top 40 hit single I Love You More Than Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Frontman Danny Bowes has great stage presence. Despite a slight bout of the ‘flu his vocals were in fine shape: his voice never faltered, it only grew sturdier as the night grew longer. He jumped up and down, covered every inch of the stage and asserted his microphone at the audience trying to coerce an already over-zealous crowd in to joining every song. Then, during You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down he even divided the audience into two groups: each side had to be louder than the other.

A great night that proved you can’t keep a good band down.

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