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Venus Hum @ Spitz, London

13 August 2002

Something a little different appeared at the tiny, über-cool venue that is The Spitz. It was called Venus Hum.

This Nashville-based trio consisted of two chaps of contrasting shapes behind banks of computers, and a marvellously bonkers singer called Annette Strean. A genetic mix of Wilma Flintstone and Björk, this vision bounced and squealed her way through songs fast and slow.

Without a support act, the band had to work hard on the small audience. That meant singer Annette had to work especially hard, for it was she who provided the only visual interest. With a voice to rival that of everyone’s favourite Icelandic pixie and a stage presence to match, she saved the day. Her off-kilter performance and the quasi-’80s electropop music made for an interesting alternative to the usual fare of boring guitar bands and plastic pop idols cluttering up venues large and small in the UK just now.

The faster numbers had Annette bouncing about the stage and were highlights. Beautiful Spain was a good showcase for Annette’s versatile range, while her warm smile and clear enjoyment of the event endeared her to the audience. The grinding beats and slick Apple Mac work of Annette’s compadres meant that a few toes were tapping throughout.

Whether Venus Hum’s music is too out-moded or idiosyncratic for anodyne British tastes remains to be seen. But in Annette Strean they certainly have themselves a considerable star.

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